Cell Recovery to Skin Perfection

There is a significant need to improve skin that is damaged by abuse, mistreatment and over zealous products and procedures that are being recommended as part of anti-aging skincare treatments today. Most of these problems create too much peeling that the skin is not naturally designed to create. Some people think that molting like a snake is good because they can see the exfolation. This leaves excessive dryness, irritation, flaking and undermines both the dermis and the stratum corneum, the skinís barrier protectant. The skin exfoliates microscopically. That's the way it was designed to work and it hasn't changed for thousands of years. Keep it that way. These products offer significant improvement in hydration levels and healing benefits by delivering the key components naturally found in the dermis. They will also assist moisture levels in the skin that are undermined by ultra violet radiation, which destroys your natural collagen and essential nutrients in the skin.

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