Antioxdiants & Vitamins

Antioxidants are another one of the key elements to healthy skin. These components, especially Vitamin C, are essential to maintaining normal balance in the skin as they allow the stabilization for other critical components.

Antioxidants fight inflammation and cell death (aptosis) by attacking the free radical damage that occurs from the moment we are born. Our antioxidants are lipids, oil-based, so they are extremely skin-friendly and work quickly to fight damage caused by the sun, tanning beds, smoking, alcohol, stress and the environment.

Another piece to the anti-aging puzzle that helps fix the damage that has been caused is retinol, pure vitamin A. We offer fabulous and fully active topical vitamins that help remedy this problem. It's called skin normalization and takes damaged tissue and brings them back to their fully functional and healthy condition.

A new entry into this program is Alpha Lipoic Acid or Grape Seed. This is extremely potent and has 100% bio-availability into the skin.

Antiox   Lipids   Cell Recovery   Vitamin
Antioxidants   Lipids   Cell Recovery   Vitamins

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