Hair Care

We offer a series of shampoos to cleanse and treatments to help improve your hair and scalp.

The main purpose of any shampoo is to cleanse or condition the hair by removing sebum, sweat components, styling products and environmental dirt and debris from the hair and scalp. The inability to do this can and will cause hair loss over time.

Most shampoos can cleanse the scalp of tiny waxes or large waxes but not both. Our newest product, Deep Cleanse, eliminates both types of wax quickly and efficiently to help the scalp and give hair growth a better opportunity.

Our medicated products are at maximum strength, the legal limit of active OTC drug ingredients. These are far superior to the typical products found in stores today and can treat dandruff, scalp itch, eczema, psoriasis and sebhorreic dermatitis.

Whether you simply need a fabulous conditioner, an enriched heat activated conditioner, a thorough scalp cleansing or to treat a scalp condition or disorder, you will find a complete program of products that will meet your needs.

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