Facial Masks

Q. Should men use facial masks?
A. Absolutely! Men have the same and sometimes more difficult skin conditions as women: clogged pores, blackheads & whiteheads, break outs, too oily, too dry, and though, thickened skin. Men may be less apt to go to a salon so A-Cute Derm offers a variety of excellent facial masks based on skin types and needs that can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Every one should properly care for their skin to avoid serious skin conditions - and, you will look and feel better about yourself! See our Men's Favorites or our Facial Masks category under Products to find the right facial mask for you.


Q. I have a tough beard. I usually use an electric shaver first and then follow up with a blade razor. However, I often have nicks on my face and my skin feels dry when I'm finished. What can I use to prevent this?
A. We recommend that you use the E2 Lipid Creme after shaving. Not only will this quickly help to heal the nicks but it will also eliminate the tight, dry feeling of your skin. In fact, the E2 Lipid Creme is a skin protectant so it leaves the skin smooth and soft for days.

Q. I have ingrown hairs on my face which makes it difficult to shave. This causes reddish irritations and inflammation. What can I use?
A. Use E2 Serum or E2 Lipid Creme to calm irritation and inflammation. Then, to control ingrown hairs, we recommend that you begin with our Ultra 10 Rejuvenating Lotion . Apply at bedtime for 2 weeks and then apply twice daily. After a minimum of 6 months, and preferably one year, you can advance to our Ultra 15 Rejuvenating Gel, if you wish. Added benefits of using any of our Glycolic Acid products is that, in addition to helping ingrown hairs, the Glycolic Acid will relieve visible signs of dry skin, refine fine lines and improve skin tone and texture, control skin oils, fight wrinkles, crows feet and discolorations.

Sore Muscles

Q. I work out a lot, jog and play sports. I've tried many products to relieve sore muscles but nothing seems to work on a long-term basis. What do you recommend I use?
A. Try our E2 Ultra Muscle Rub . This is an over-the counter (OTC) drug which is a medicated topical analgesic for the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains. This product is lipid-based for better and deeper penetration into the skin. E2 Ultra Muscle Rub contains many natural ingredients known for their healing properties as well as anti-inflammatories. This product is grease-less and can be used under clothing. It is the most potent topical analgesic medication made today!


Q. I am 52 and my skin bruises easily and is often unsightly. Is there anything I can use to prevent or help eliminate the bruises quickly?
A. Try our E2 Bruise Creme . Of the many insults of aging, one of the most visible is the increased tendency toward bruising. Our Bruise Creme conditions and improves the appearance of skin that does not heal well or bruises easily. Three key ingredients - Emu Oil, Arnica Montana Oil and Vitamin E - accelerate the healing process, repair bruises, rebuild the capillary walls and bio-actively reach out to improve peripheral damage. It also improves varicosities on the face. The creme has deep penetrating capabilities the unique blend of ingredients offers excellent properties that nourish, protect and offer assistance in healing the skin. It is grease-less and can be used under clothing.

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