Spider and

Varicose Veins
of the Legs

Performed by Physician

Dr. Kronberg specializes in the treatment of spider veins of the legs. She has been honored as the Top Doctor; ‘Best of the Best’ by her peers, the Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons of the United States, for the treatment of spider veins (Sclerotherapy). She has specialized in Sclerotherapy since 1985, and has appeared on NBC, ABC and CNN as the expert in this field. Dr. Kronberg has performed more than 40,000 of these procedures on patients from 38 states and 40 foreign countries.
She injects a very special saline solution into the tiny vessels. This solution is natural to the body and not a foreign chemical. The veins will fade away over 2 to 3 months. One treatment is sufficient and delivers superior results for most patients.

Sclerotherapy is still the best treatment for spider veins of the legs. Dr. Kronberg has found through experience and on-going testing that Lasers are not as effective on small leg veins.


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