Wrinkles and
(Anti-Aging Skincare)

Performed by Physician

Dr. Kronberg has been an international pioneer in this field practicing Cosmetic Dermatology since 1985, before it even existed and became a sub-category within the medical specialty of Dermatology.

As an expert in the use of Retin-A® and Glycolic Acid since the late 1980s, Dr. Kronberg initiated a regimen, the ‘Core Program’ with three components to  address everyone’s needs in home maintenance skin care. This concept helps find each piece of the Anti-Aging Puzzle, to help all patients, including individuals who cannot tolerate the aggressiveness of some topical products and treatments. The program allows you to achieve the greatest maximum potential while minimizing both down-time and risk. Even with the proliferation of treatments and thousands of products on the market today, this concept is still a mainstay and the foundation for great skin, no matter what your problem used to be.   

Dr. Kronberg customizes each patient’s personal treatment plan. You and the board certified Dermatologist will discuss all of the options that are available including injections, Lasers, peels and a home maintenance treatment plan. There is something for every one of all ages, skin types and budgets.

Due to her great concern for finding high quality products that offered superior benefits and worked well within the treatments, Dr. Kronberg began developing her own skin care line, A-Cute Derm, in 1987. Today, Dr. Kronberg is a leader in Cosmetic Dermatology nationwide and is also a ‘Center of Excellence’ for the cosmetic needs of patients.

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